Guardian reading Eco Geeks need to smell the coffee

I noticed a ‘How green are you’ test on the Guardian website.  It’s quite telling that if you don’t agree with them you are a ‘village idiot’.

I tried to take the test but it doesn’t work well on my Android phone meaning I was unable to answer some questions.


Most is common sense stuff but I fail to see knowing how much energy comes from costly,  unreliable renewables makes you ‘Fit for the Future’. Regressive comes more to mind when you consider that the ‘danger’ is a theoretical one that exists only in computer models built around the group think assumptions of Guardian reading eco geeks

‘It seems that our current mitigation efforts seem to be producing no vast improvement in carbon emissions – in fact an increase in our carbon footprint – burning more coal, increased fuel poverty, driving investment away from this country to elsewhere where power is cheaper, raising the prospect of blackouts and general environmental damage.’

IPCC lead author and Professor of Economics Richard Tol, who wanted his name removed after political interference with the Summary for Policy Makers (SPM), said this today

Both climate change and climate policy hit the poorest the hardest.

But then again what do we conspiracy theory addled neanderthal skeptics know?

More than Guardian reading eco-gits anyday


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