Heat-wave descends on Burma

Earth Changing Extremities

9. Heatwave

People should prepare immediately for a heat-wave as potentially record-breaking temperatures look set to envelop many parts of Burma, according to Tun Lwin, the former head of the Department of Meteorology and Hydrology.

The ultraviolet (UV) index began spiking above 11 – an “extreme” level – at the beginning of April, but could reach a scorching 15.1 in eastern Burma’s Shan and Karenni states in the coming weeks and continue as such until the rains break, he said.

According to recent data, the UV index in Rangoon, Pegu and Tenasserim divisions is 14.1, while it was 14.2 in Irrawaddy Division, 14.6 in Karenni State, and 14.4 in southern and eastern Shan State.

The Ministry of Health has warned that unprotected exposure to UV rays can cause sunstroke and dehydration, while long-term effects include skin cancer, lowered immunity and cataracts.

Meanwhile, residents in Dala Township, which sits across the river from…

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