Holes in the Ice Age Story

An excellent thought provoking read as always Tim. Thanks


Holes in the Ice Age Story
Anyone familiar with the Ice Age Story has probably seen a rather scary depiction of the Last Glacial Maximum where Greenland in covered by a huge permanent [black ink] ice sheet.
Maximum glaciation of the northern hemisphere

What is not so widely promoted is a subtle change in language whereby the certainty regarding the permanent ice sheet over Greenland has been downgraded to a lowly perhaps.

Quaternary glaciation also known as the Pleistocene glaciation or the current ice age, refers to a series of glacial events separated by interglacial events during the Quaternary period from 2.58 Ma (million years ago) to present.

During this period, permanent ice sheets were established in Antarctica and perhaps Greenland, and fluctuating ice sheets occurred elsewhere (for example, the Laurentide ice sheet).


This perhaps is probably best illustrated by the 57,000 square kilometre tract of northern Greenland called Peary Land which “was not covered by glaciers during the…

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