Polar Vortex In 1899? Impossible, Surely?


By Paul Homewood

John Holdren would like us to believe that cold winters are caused by global warming. This paper reminds us that one of the coldest spells on record hit the East Coast in February 1899.



The paper concludes:

In conclusion, the February 1899 outbreak was unique in its capacity to chill and bury a large section of the nation. Therefore, whenever very cold and snowy conditions return to the United States and reports begin to circulate that the present weather is “the worst”, “coldest” or “snowiest”, forecasters and weather observers can always refer to February 1899 as a benchmark with which to compare similar events.

Unfortunately, tabloid climatologists no longer bother to do things like this. It’s far too easy, and profitable, to blame it all on CO2.

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