Sea level rise slows while satellite temperature ‘pause’ dominates measurement record

Watts Up With That?

Measured sea level rise drops 30% with “pause” greater than half of RSS measurement period.

Guest essay by Larry Hamlin

A paper titled “The rate of sea-level rise” published in Nature Climate Change on March 23 by Cazenave, et al. shows that during the last decade the rate of sea level rise has declined by about 30% during the period 2003 through 2011 to about 2.4 mm/year from the rate of 3.4 mm/year in the period 1992 through 2002. The paper argues that this decrease is the result of short-term natural climate variability which it attempts to remove to reveal the “true” global warming signal with the end result being to “adjust” the lower measured sea level rate upward. 

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