Met Office in last minute warning

I checked the forecast this morning and knew rain was due but not this much!

Seeing how heavy the rain was it was obvious there was a risk of flash flooding.


As can be seen there are several areas of very heavy precipitation scattered around the South East, some in excess of 50mm p/hr.


Key to intensity

There was no Met Office warning either last night (BBC forecast) or earlier this morning. A quick look at their site showed a yellow warning in force although not clear on detail as the text was missing (the mobile site had clearly not updated).


The desktop site did however have the information.


Yep. The warning was issued SEVEN minutes before it came into effect.

One thought on “Met Office in last minute warning

  1. Due to the magnetic pole shift of 23* there is an unbalance in polarity across the whole of earth. The coming climate, volcano, earthquakes etc will be like no other. The chemtrails the elite are pouring daily are not subsiding the very high energy influx on earth, but causing more harm to people and animals.

    The world is changing at a rapid rate,


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