Quote of the week: Concept behind IPCC basically wrong

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The bloggie award (2014 “Best Weblog About Politics”) winning Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF) recently announced that “Professor Lennart Bengtsson, one of Sweden’s leading climate scientists, has joined the GWPF’s Academic Advisory Council”.

Not one to let any grass grow under his feet, Holland’s Marcel Crok has conducted an interview with Bengtsson which is well worth reading in its entirety. But for me, the following deserves to be highlighted:

Crok had asked:

Mojib Latif once said at a conference of the WMO (in 2009) “we have to ask the nasty questions ourselves”. Do you think the climate community is doing that (enough)? or are others like the GWPF needed to ask these “nasty” questions? If so, what does this say about the state of Academia?

To which Bengtsson responded (my bold -hro):

I think the climate community shall be more critical and spend more time to understand what…

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Florida flood emergency: 1.5 feet of rain in 24 hours, USA

Earth Changing Extremities

Flood Alert

“We’ve seen flooding before, but never flooding that washes the back of a house away,” 

From building-crushing hurricanes to killer sinkholes, Gulf Coast residents have seen a lot. But even these battle-tested veterans of the weather wars are marveling at torrential rains that washed out bridges and roads, sent chest-high water into homes and forced major military bases to shut down Wednesday.

“We’ve seen flooding before, but never flooding that washes the back of a house away,” said CNN iReporter Matt Raybourn of Pensacola, Florida. “There are no words for what we are seeing here.”

The rushing waters reduced some streets to rubble, gouged huge gashes in others and left stretches of many others submerged, including parts U.S. Highway 98, the main east-west route along the coast. It was closed in several places between Fort Walton Beach and Panama City. Abandoned cars sat half-submerged along the highway.

Along the coast…

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Major heatwave striking parts of India at 45.9c

Earth Changing Extremities

Heatwave Warning

Scorching heatwave conditions today continued unabated in northwest region in Rajasthan as Ganganagar recorded the maximum temperature of 45.9 degrees Celsius. 
Barring Udaipur, maximum temperature in all cities was above 41 degrees C, up three to five notches more than average, aMeT official said. 
After a sizzling weather till 4 pm, residents of the Pink City ofJaipur got a mild respite following a dust storm and cloudy weather in the evening. Though the maximum temperature was 43.2 degrees C. 
Meanwhile, Churu recorded a maximum temperature of 45.7 degrees C, followed by Bikaner 43.6, Kota 43.5, Barmer 43.2,Ajmer, Pilani, Jaisalmer around 42.5 degree C each. 
Weather would remain be dry in the state in the next 24 hours except Jaipur where a dust storm or thunder showers may occur, a MeT office forecast has said.

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Nigel Lawson to Climate Morons ‘Cool it’

Lord Lawson takes direct aim at Slingo [my emphasis]

The unusual persistence of heavy rainfall over the UK during February, which led to considerable flooding, is believed by the scientists to have been caused by the wayward behaviour of the jetstream; and there is no credible scientific theory that links this behaviour to the fact that the earth’s surface is some 0.8ºC warmer than it was 150 years ago.

That has not stopped some climate scientists, such as the publicity-hungry chief scientist at the UK Met Office, Dame Julia Slingo, from telling the media that it is likely that “climate change” (by which they mean warming) is partly to blame. Usually, however, the climate scientists take refuge in the weasel words that any topical extreme weather event, whatever the extreme weather may be, whether the recent UK rainfall or last year’s typhoon in the Philippines, “is consistent with what we would expect from climate change”.

So what? It is also consistent with the theory that it is a punishment from the Almighty for our sins (the prevailing explanation of extreme weather events throughout most of human history). But that does not mean that there is the slightest truth in it. Indeed, it would be helpful if the climate scientists would tell us what weather pattern would not be consistent with the current climate orthodoxy. If they cannot do so, then we would do well to recall the important insight of Karl Popper — that any theory that is incapable of falsification cannot be considered scientific.

read the rest here.

climate change’ is the exact opposite of what the Met Office predict and whatever the weather we experience – especially the bits not within a Goldilocks definition of what it should be – we’re going to get more of it and YOU’RE TO BLAME.

Rinse and repeat the excuses whatever the weather.


also check out Paul Homewood’s inconvenient finding on 1929 – The Year The Met Office Tried To Cover Up

I found similarities also in the wet winter of 1876/7, which was remarkably similar and a year of ‘global weirding‘ extremes. 1877 was a ‘bit windy‘, as Paul Homewood noted.

Then there’s the winter of 1976/7 in the UK (post on 76/7 in the works), which featured a displaced polar vortex over North America and followed a similar hot summer.


You could even look back further



No Increase In Extreme Weather In The Philippines


By Paul Homewood

We keep hearing claims that extreme rainfall events are on the increase, because of climate change. PAGASA, the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration have done their own research, which suggests that, there at least, this is not the case.

In their study, “Current Climate and Observed Trends”, they conclude that:


They also show this chart of tropical cyclones from 1948 to 2010, that have passed through the Philippines Area of Responsibility. The trend is very slightly downwards.


They find:

As for stronger storms, they find a slightly higher number during El Nino years, but, again, no overall trends:



It may just be one country, but it seems we should take blanket claims of “increasing extreme weather” with a pinch of salt.

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