Global Warming a Bizaare Science


Modern-day Helena

Most everything we know, our minute-by-minute real knowledge of the world — an enveloping understanding rooted in our liver and eliciting responses like goose bumps to a sudden cool draft on the backs or our necks — we learned from ancient Greeks. What we really know is what they mostly talked about for hundreds of years but never actually wrote down.

Let’s remember back on the birth of Western knowledge in the context of the most recent hot and cold climates on Earth—e.g., there was an 800-year warm period that peaked about 2100 years ago. The peak was a couple of centuries after a number of Jewish families led by Moses fled Egypt (the Exodus), maybe… 1,313 years before the birth of Christ (BC). After warming peaked there was about 500 years of cooling until the average global temperature would have been about what it is today. After that, cooling continued for another 250 years; and, then temperatures rose over the next 250 years, to about what they are today.

This period of 500 years ending around 0 BC of a relatively cold global climate on Earth…

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