I want the National Climate Assessment to come in 3D

Based on a comment I left at the WeatherAction blog.

Good grief! [the] late night BBC Newsday has regurgitated the latest sexed up dossier.

Temperatures are ‘rising’, sea levels may rise ‘four feet’, American winters will be shorter and milder (don’t laugh) oh my the shock, the horror and it’s happening now!

To think the National Climate Assessment didn’t come in 3D! Let us campaign for the next NCA report to include 3D special effects, amazing stunts? sharknado’s and ninty foot dinosaurs creating carnage on the streets eating ‘deniers’.

I mean if we are going to make a scientific report devoid of science (lots of filler tho’) then we might as well go the full fiction hog and get our monies worth of ‘scenarios’ and hire Dan Brown to write it (he seems ‘sciency’). Although, sometimes it is best to let a bad series die a natural death, I think we can afford the diehard fans one last send off.


2 thoughts on “I want the National Climate Assessment to come in 3D

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