Some weather as the Jet Stream passes overhead

The rain has eased since the weekend with showers more isolated and much lighter* with the sun emerging for longer stretches. The video above was my attempt to record a particularly heavy squall which ended when the wind and rain made a mockery of my shelter under the trees and broke my umbrella.

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Saturday. Image: KNMI

Clouds have been tall cumulonimbus with the bases a dusty grey rather than the slate grey of the weekend. Long streams of cloud from the North/Northwest aligned well with the jet stream as the low pressure system has moved east.

Sunday. Image: KNMI

Sunday. Image: KNMI

Peak temps have not particularly risen, with maximum temperatures around 18-19C and 15-16C over the weekend, but the warm periods have become more prolonged so it has felt pleasant for longer.


Monday. Looking East.

Monday. Image KNMI

Tuesday there was a slight muggy feel in the air ahead of the tropical air and despite the Met Office forecast of rain, heavy at times, only the odd shower threatened. I was unable to catch it on camera but some lovely views of the pockets of clouds could be seen over the distant fields and hills with praecipitatio underneath.

Tuesday. Image: KNMI

Tuesday. Looking east.

Looking east.

Wednesday started with clear blue skies which have clouded over somewhat.

Wednesday AM. Image KNMI

Wednesday AM. Image KNMI


Wednesday. Looking East.

The upper flow is from a North/Northeast direction and it is quite pleasant.

Wednesday PM. Image: KNMI

Wednesday PM.
Image: KNMI


Wednesday PM.

When the sun is out it feels quite warm


Wednesday, looking North.

*did have a brief hail storm on Mon which dropped the temps before, during and after (pleasant to shivering in minutes).


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