Piers Corbyn – “West Antarctic Ice Sheet: Nasa gives it’s most deluded scare story ever”

WeatherAction News


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As a further comment Piers says [note typos amended from original and images added] :

“While recognising the huge amount of work and measurements which have gone into these studies by the scientists mentioned when one sees what is actually being said and the uncertainties involved it is beyond belief that the matter of some things that MIGHT be happening to the West Antarctic ice sheet get elevated to the level of international news to justify modifying the world economy for the delusion of global warming.


Key points:

Answer in the abstract above 0.25mm (Maybe) sea level rise per year ie one inch in the next 100 years. NB ANY figure may be controversial. It’s not surprising there was not a headline saying this was the issue!!!!!!!!

2. The studies or at least reportage of them assume ongoing global warming which is a…

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