Reflections on Bengtsson and the GWPF

“So what is the impact on a scientist of the so-called climate McCarthyism?  As a result of smearings by Romm, Mann, et al., I am excluded from serious consideration for administrative positions at universities, offices in professional societies, consideration for awards from professional societies, a number of people won’t collaborate with me, and anyone who wants to invite me to be a keynote speaker has to justify this in light of all the cr*p that shows up if you google ‘Judith Curry’.  Does any of this really ‘matter’?  I’ve convinced myself that it doesn’t (well not as much as my own conscience and integrity), but I suspect that such things would matter to most scientists.”

Climate Etc.

by Judith Curry

. . . some scientists are mixing up their role with that of a climate activist.Lennart Bengtsson

Professor Bengtsson’s persecution shows precisely why independent think-tanks such as the Global Warming Policy Foundation are essential. Truly, the old joke is becoming ever more true: what’s the opposite of diversity? University.Matt Ridley

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Just in — Fletch outed as anonymous reviewer in Environmental Research Letters

the Air Vent

Steve McIntyre highlighted a response from the Institute of Physics (Publsihers of Environmental Research Letters) to a UK Times article reporting the suppression of a global warming paper submitted by Dr. Bengtsson.  A paper which again attempted to document the less than supportive evidence observed temperatures provide for climate models.  The paper was written by a well known climate scientist who chose the unfortunate path of publishing TRUTH rather than Real Climate dogma necessary for success in today’s Climate Science™ field.

The article caught my attention because the reasons given for rejection are wholly unscientific and truly indefensible yet they are expressed as boldly as can be.   No really!  The author of the reply, Dr. Nicola Gulley, literally used the actual bold himself:

Summarising, the simplistic comparison of ranges from AR4, AR5, and Otto et al, combined with the statement they are inconsistent is less then helpful, actually it…

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Tweaking the climate models: Researchers show emissions from forests influence very first stage of cloud formation

Watts Up With That?

Clouds_over_Amazon These clouds are almost certainly a result of evapotranspiration. The clouds are distributed evenly across the forest, but no clouds formed over the Amazon River and its floodplain, where there is no tall canopy of trees. While water may evaporate from the Amazon River itself, the air near the ground is too warm for clouds to form. Trees, on the other hand, release water vapor at higher levels of the atmosphere, so the water vapor more quickly reaches an altitude where the air is cool enough for clouds to form. When water vapor condenses, it releases heat into the atmosphere. (NASA image courtesy Jeff Schmaltz, MODIS Rapid Response at NASA GSFC )

In the midst of all the Climate McCarthyism on display, I almost missed this important finding. Of course, most daily forecast meteorologists that watch satellite and radar have known this for decades, but it is nice to see…

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Severe storm topples trees and crush homes in Phuket, Thailand

Earth Changing Extremities

Storm Alert

More storms of the kind that toppled a Banyan tree are forecast for Phuket
A sudden gale that Phuket’s microclimate produces in the monsoon season toppled a banyan tree in Phuket City about 10pm last night, damaging two houses and a parked pickup. Resident Preecha Lakkeaw, who lives on the road behind Phuket Provincial Court, said that while the sound of the crash terrified locals, it was fortunate that nobody had been injured. More storms are forecast.

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