Is The GISS Adjustment For UHI Adequate?

I’m reading Lamb’s climate papers from the 50s & 60s and it’s notable how often it is stressed that records must be tempered with observations – although he expresses a degree of faith in then modern observations. Plus ça change.


By Paul Homewood

Ronan Connolly has sent me a copy of his recent paper “Urbanization bias II. An assessment of the NASA GISS urbanization adjustment method”.


NASA GISS are currently the only group calculating global temperature estimates that explicitly adjust their weather station data for urbanization biases. In this study, their urbanization adjustment procedure was considered.
A number of serious problems were found with their urbanization adjustments:

1.) The vast majority of their adjustments involved correcting for urban cooling”, whereas urbanization bias is predominantly a warming bias.

2.) The net effect of their adjustments on their global temperature estimates was unrealistically low, particularly for recent decades, when urbanization bias is expected to have increased.

3.) When a sample of highly urbanized stations was tested, the adjustments successfully removed warming bias for the 1895-1980 period, but left the 1980s-2000s period effectively unadjusted.

In an attempt to explain these unexpected…

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“We like systems that can explain everything.”

sunshine hours

I was reading this article by Stephen L Carter and came across this paragraph.

“The literary critic George Steiner, in a wonderful little book titled “Nostalgia for the Absolute,” long ago predicted this moment. We have an attraction, he contended, to higher truths that can sweep away complexity and nuance. We like systems that can explain everything. Intellectuals in the West are nostalgic for the tight grip religion once held on the Western imagination. They are attracted to modes of thought that are as comprehensive and authoritarian as the medieval church.”

Immediately the idea of CO2/AGW as a cult religion sprang to mind.

We have an attraction, he contended, to higher truths that can sweep away complexity and nuance.”

Yes indeed. Who cares about sunspots or the AMO or PDO or solar cycles or the LIA. There is no need in the AGW cult to really care about any…

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Climate scientists joining advocacy groups

Nuccitelli being economical with the facts now there’s a surprise.

Climate Etc.

by Judith Curry

Along with Richard Lindzen joining the Cato Institute, Bengtsson now gives us two examples of ‘skeptical’ scientists becoming associated with political advocacy groups, and zero examples of mainstream climate scientists joining political organizations. Who is it that’s politicizing science? – Dana Nuccitelli

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St. Louis to Pittsburgh at Risk for Severe Storms


A stormy weather pattern midweek will help spawn powerful thunderstorms across parts of the Midwest and Ohio Valley.

The combination of warm and humid air will be fuel for thunderstorms to develop late on Tuesday along the I-80 corridor from central Iowa to northern Illinois.

Some of these storms will reach the Chicago area in time for the evening rush hour, and can contain cloud-to-ground lightning, strong winds and even hail.

The risk of locally severe storms will push to the southeast over portions of Indiana and Ohio later Tuesday night.

On Wednesday, conditions will come together to support strong-to-severe thunderstorms from the middle part of the Mississippi Valley through the Ohio Valley.

Storms on Wednesday into Wednesday night can contain damaging winds, large hail and flooding downpours.

St. Louis, Missouri, Indianapolis, Indiana, Louisville, Kentucky, Cincinnati, Ohio and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, could be directly affected by these intense thunderstorms.


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