Is The GISS Adjustment For UHI Adequate?

I’m reading Lamb’s climate papers from the 50s & 60s and it’s notable how often it is stressed that records must be tempered with observations – although he expresses a degree of faith in then modern observations. Plus ça change.


By Paul Homewood

Ronan Connolly has sent me a copy of his recent paper “Urbanization bias II. An assessment of the NASA GISS urbanization adjustment method”.


NASA GISS are currently the only group calculating global temperature estimates that explicitly adjust their weather station data for urbanization biases. In this study, their urbanization adjustment procedure was considered.
A number of serious problems were found with their urbanization adjustments:

1.) The vast majority of their adjustments involved correcting for urban cooling”, whereas urbanization bias is predominantly a warming bias.

2.) The net effect of their adjustments on their global temperature estimates was unrealistically low, particularly for recent decades, when urbanization bias is expected to have increased.

3.) When a sample of highly urbanized stations was tested, the adjustments successfully removed warming bias for the 1895-1980 period, but left the 1980s-2000s period effectively unadjusted.

In an attempt to explain these unexpected…

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