Sea Level Rise Poses “No Major Threat”


By Paul Homewood

While we’re looking at sea levels, it is worth recalling this paper by Madhav Khandekar in 2009, “Global Warming & Sea Level Rise”. The author pulls together a number of recent studies.

Sea Level Rise (SLR) in response to the present and future warming of the earth’s surface is probably the most contentious issue being debated at present. This brief commentary surveys the most recent literature on ongoing SLR and on the major factors contributing to future rise. It is concluded that the best guess value of SLR for the next 100 years is a relatively modest 23 cm +/− 5 cm which poses little threat to coastal areas of the world either at present or in future.

Khandekar quotes the following studies:

1. Holgate (2007): This study examines nine long and almost continuous sea-level records to obtain SLR estimates for the period 1904–2003.

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Carbon 14 – Cookbook


The Carbon 14 Cookbook

The mainstream portray Ernest C Anderson as a mere footnote in history who can be dismissively called “Ernie Anderson” because he was a lowly “graduate student” who doesn’t merit further discussion in Wikipedia.

Footnote to History

However, as usual, it’s best to take everything Wikipedia says with a pinch of salt because Ernest C Anderson was far more than a lowly “graduate student”.

Unfortunately at that time no instrument was sufficiently sensitive, so my colleague, Dr E. C. Anderson and I were stumped for the time, until we recalled that an old friend from World War II days had a carbon isotope separator with which he was making concentrated 13C for isotope tracer work in cancer research.

Dr Grosse after obtaining the sewage methane proceeded to enrich it to varying degrees (as measured by the 13C enrichment) and Dr Anderson and I excitedly put the enriched methane in our proportional counter…

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Government Reverses Yet Another Inconvenient Climate Story

Real Science

Over the past few years, government experts have reversed many climate stories in order to fall in line with government objectives.

Two years ago, NASA’s top polar scientist said that Antarctica was gaining ice at a rate of 49.000.000,000,000 kg/year

Mass Gains of the Antarctic Ice Sheet Exceed Losses

Zwally, H. Jay (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD, United States)

During 2003 to 2008, the mass gain of the Antarctic ice sheet from snow accumulation exceeded the mass loss from ice discharge by 49 Gt/yr (2.5% of input), as derived from ICESat laser measurements of elevation change. The net gain (86 Gt/yr) over the West Antarctic (WA) and East Antarctic ice sheets (WA and EA) is essentially unchanged from revised results for 1992 to 2001 from ERS radar altimetry

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS) – Mass Gains of the Antarctic Ice Sheet Exceed Losses

Since then, Antarctic sea ice has also set…

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North Korea Fighting Global Warming! I Bet Its Citizens Are Grateful


By Paul Homewood


Just when you thought the Guardian could not get any worse!

When we think of North Korea, we think of a nation determined to be an outsider in the international community. Whether it’s testing nuclear weapons or threatening London hairdressers, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is not usually associated with compliance.

But there is compelling evidence that the North Korean government is motivated by domestic power games to co-operate globally on climate change.

North Korea has a record of compliance with its obligations as a party to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. The obvious question then is why the North Korean government would show such commitment to the international climate change regime, given its belligerent reputation in the strategic realm.

The most obvious link is between environmental degradation, the vulnerable agricultural system and the stability of governance in North Korea…

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End personal attacks on scientists – regardless of their views

Official blog of the Met Office news team

The Met Office’s Chief Scientist, Professor Dame Julia Slingo, is appealing for an end to personal attacks on scientists – no matter what their viewpoint on the climate debate.

Her call follows recent articles in the media claiming that some scientists have felt pressured due to their views.

Professor Lennart Bengtsson, a research fellow at the University of Reading, featured in the articles after saying he was worried by a wider trend that science is being ‘gradually influenced by political views’. You can read a statement from him and other climate scientists in response to the articles on the Science Media Centre’s website.

In a letter, published in The Times today, Professor Dame Slingo says scientists should be free to review and debate their research without fear of personal attacks.

You can read the full letter below:


Your articles on the recent events surrounding Prof. Lennart Bengtsson are…

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