Sea Level Rise Poses “No Major Threat”


By Paul Homewood

While we’re looking at sea levels, it is worth recalling this paper by Madhav Khandekar in 2009, “Global Warming & Sea Level Rise”. The author pulls together a number of recent studies.

Sea Level Rise (SLR) in response to the present and future warming of the earth’s surface is probably the most contentious issue being debated at present. This brief commentary surveys the most recent literature on ongoing SLR and on the major factors contributing to future rise. It is concluded that the best guess value of SLR for the next 100 years is a relatively modest 23 cm +/− 5 cm which poses little threat to coastal areas of the world either at present or in future.

Khandekar quotes the following studies:

1. Holgate (2007): This study examines nine long and almost continuous sea-level records to obtain SLR estimates for the period 1904–2003.

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