New Extreme Windstorm Catalogue From The Met Office


By Paul Homewood

h/t Green Sand


The Met Office have issued this statement.

Windstorms are a major source of natural hazard risk for many countries in Europe. These extreme weather systems are the second greatest cause of natural catastrophe insurance losses on the planet. As a recent example, on 28 October 2013 windstorm Christian (St Jude’s Day storm) destroyed infrastructure and interrupted transport and business in several countries across northern Europe. This windstorm is estimated to have caused nearly £1 billion of insured losses across Europe and more than £300 million of insured losses in the UK.

Storm footprints

Looking at past events can help scientists and insurers to better quantify and understand this important source of risk. In particular, to understand the losses caused by past storms, the industry needs reliable, high resolution spatial maps of maximum gusts for each event (known as storm footprints).

The eXtreme WindStorms…

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