New WUWT ENSO Forecast Page, Underwater Upgrades to the WUWT ENSO Page and a Disturbance in the Equatorial Atlantic

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Introducing the new WUWT ENSO Forecast Page with an array of low skill forecasts…

thumb its the sunThere are also several upgrades to the WUWT ENSO page, including new Sea Temperature Anomalies at depths. Lastly, WUWT reader “tim” points out in comments of the WUWT Ocean Page that “everybody is focusing on the Pacific at the moment, but “in the central Atlantic around the 10th may there seemed to be a large disturbance in the SST lasting around 2 weeks.” Animation to the left and analysis below.

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Climate propaganda finger pointed at marathon runners

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London marathon {credit: Wikipedia] London marathon [credit: Wikipedia]
Nothing is too silly to print when it comes to climate propaganda, it seems.

The idea they want to put in people’s heads is that even breathing is a ‘danger to the planet’, so faster breathing…you get the idea.

Does the marathon hasten climate change?

We can’t say ‘you couldn’t make it up’ because someone just did.

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