‘Extreme Weather’ – Before CO2 was being blamed for political points

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Photo of the Eads Bridge after the May 27, 1896, St. Louis, Missouri, tornado

Imagine the wailing about ’caused by climate change’ if this happened today. From NOAA: This Month in Climate History: May 27, 1896, St. Louis Tornado

What remains the third most deadly tornado in U.S. history struck St. Louis, Missouri, on the afternoon of May 27, 1896, nearly 120 years ago. At the time, St. Louis hadn’t experienced a major weather disaster in nearly 25 years, and the city had grown into a large metropolitan area.

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PRELIMINARY May 2014 Sea Surface Temperature (SST) Update

Bob Tisdale - Climate Observations


The sea surface temperatures of the equatorial Pacific are elevated. The following are the weekly sea surface temperature anomalies for the 4 most-often-used NINO regions for the week of May 21st.  From west to east:

  • NINO4 (5S-5N, 160E-150W) = +0.97
  • NINO3.4 (5S-5N, 170W-120W) = +0.62
  • NINO3 (5S-5N, 150W-90W) = +0.70
  • NINO1+2 (10S-0, 90W-80W) = +1.39


The May 2014 Reynolds OI.v2 Sea Surface Temperature (SST) data through the NOAA NOMADS website won’t be official until Monday, June 8,, 2014. Refer to the schedule on the NOAA Optimum Interpolation Sea Surface Temperature Analysis Frequently Asked Questions webpage.  The following are the preliminary Global and NINO3.4 SST anomalies for May 2014 that the NOMADS website prepares based on incomplete data for the month.  I’ve also included the weekly data through the week centered on May 21, 2014, but I’ve shortened the span of…

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Antarctica climate alarmism frenzy revisited – ill-informed, exaggerated and erroneous media claims galore

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480px-Antarctica_6400px_from_Blue_Marble[1]Sea level rise increase 1/2 thickness of human fingernail crates media “sea level rise alert” panic

Guest essay by Larry Hamlin 

During May three new scientific papers appeared addressing results of studies of Antarctica ice loss which sent the alarmist media into a feeding frenzy of ill-informed, exaggerated and erroneous print and broadcast climate reporting panic.

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