Study: Is “Global Warming” about to make a comeback?

Watts Up With That?

Time-WalshResults of the study show that the term “Climate Change” is too bland to excite people

Story submitted by Eric Worrall

Bryan Walsh, writing for Time Magazine, has published a claim by the Yale Project on Climate Communication, that the term “global warming” is more effective at engaging people’s attention than  “climate change”. People apparently associate “Global Warming” with terrifying climate catastrophes, such as melting ice and coastal flooding. See the story here:

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One thought on “Study: Is “Global Warming” about to make a comeback?

  1. Wet/sunny weather – good/bad weather = that’s weather; for few days.
    ‘’climate’’ has being used out of context: Summer climate – winter climate – sea-level climate – high altitude climate – tropical climate – temperate climate – desert climate – rainforest climate – wet climate – dry climate; BUT, sometimes wet climate gets dry / dry climate gets wet / rains. On the other hand, ‘’GLOBAL’’ warming, or global cooling overall doesn’t exist – that’s what the NORMAL laws of physics say! Some places gets hotter days than previous years – other places instantly / simultaneously gets colder days (but warmer nights) than previous years – otherwise the winds would have stopped; the planet is a big place! Concentrating on a small place difference in temp and referring it as ‘’GLOBAL’’ was the basic climatologist lie since Darwin published his book= they started playing god…? climatologist didn’t start lying in the 80’s, lying was always their bread and butter

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