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The Future Monarch, Prince Charles, has used his unelected royal status as a political communication platform…

… from which NOT to EDUCATE — but from which to HIDE, TWIST and MISLEAD.

America’s recent 3 month Arctic winter, following four cold Euro winters, heralds a sun-driven cooling — as irrelevant CO2 continues its meaningless rise to 0.04%.

Yet the PRINCE OF DARKNESS seems intent on creating economy-jeopardising BLACKOUTS, as he implicitly promotes unreliable, bird-killing wind turbines — and tries to shroud the cold truth in a veil of over-heated lies.


His attack on business was driven by a desire for strict CO2 limits: a mad, shadow-boxing, GAS-BUSTING charade against carbon dioxide.

This is an especially ironic cause for Charles to champion, since CO2’s rise from 0.02% to 0.04% has fed the very plants he loves — and greened previously arid parts of…

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