No, Charles – A Peasant’s Life Is Not Wonderful


By Paul Homewood


Prince Charles, who claims distant kinship with Vlad “The Impaler” Tepes, first came to Transylvania in 1998

This is not intended as a “knocking piece on Prince Charles”, but does raise some serious issues, not just about the Prince, but green zealots in general.

It is little known that Charles has taken an acute interest in Romania, and particularly Transylvania. This interest seems to date back to around 1998, since when he has acquired and renovated several properties, and made regular visits.

In 2011, he gave an interview for a documentary film “The Wild Carpathians”, in which he said:

“I love Romania for her eternity. A remarkable thing. It is almost as in my childhood fairytales. People here can only wish to cherish the same attachment to the land. We have to rediscover these feelings, to come back to them, and I want to…

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