Piers Corbyn in the Independent ‘so many degrees of freedom that any ‘forecast’ is meaningless’

Piers asks are the Met Office still using zonal maps for a meridional jetstream? No wonder they keep predicting 90’s weather

WeatherAction News

Piers Piers as he looked last month, although he’s flattered the Independent on Sunday used an image of his younger self.

Piers made a rare appearance in the  Independent on Sunday (IoS) on 8th June 2014 – albeit with an old stock photo. This is the relevant part which sit in amongst a rather PR based presentation of the Met Office which glosses over past and current failures;

the biggest stick used to beat the Met Office? Climate change, sceptics of which tend to talk loudly and angrily. They include Powell, Madden and the Daily Express but none, perhaps, are as vociferous as Piers Corbyn, brother of Jeremy Corbyn MP, and another independent forecaster. The physicist, who has run WeatherAction in south London since 1988, calls climate change “delusional nonsense” and says his understanding of “the essential influences between the Sun and Earth, involving magnetic connections” make him more skilled…

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