Warmist Reality Check – Volcanoes Melts West Antarctic Ice Sheet

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Barely one month ago the usual suspects were ramping up the alarmism about the ‘collapsing’ West Antarctic Ice Sheet (WAIS) and blaming it on the carbon pollution bogeyman. Now a new study has come to light showing how delusional this belief was.

Jo Nova writes

Surprise, West Antarctic volcano melts ice

Who would have thought?

Antarctic volcanoes are hot after all.  Having a volcano under an icesheet makes a difference, and some of the sea level rise blamed on CO2 is more likely to be because 1,000 °C lava is not far from sub-zero ice. Right now, according to scientist Dustin Schroeder and co,  it is as if the Thwaites Glacier in West Antarctic is sitting on a “stovetop burner”.

Only last week I wondered if West Antarctic volcanoes had something to do with the Antarctic warming and pointed out this strange coincidence below where almost all the warming seems to occur over…

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