The Greatest Climate Myths of All – Part 1

Watts Up With That?

Guest essay by Jim Steele,

Director emeritus Sierra Nevada Field Campus, San Francisco State University and author of Landscapes & Cycles: An Environmentalist’s Journey to Climate Skepticism

At the website deceptively named SkepticalScience, they list “Climate Changed Before” as the skeptics’ #1 “mythical” argument. But the website’s authors have fabricated a straw man argument writing, “The ‘climate changed naturally in the past’ argument is a logical fallacy known as non sequitur, in which the conclusion doesn’t follow from the arguments.  It’s equivalent to seeing a dead body with a knife sticking out the back, then arguing the death must be natural because people died naturally in the past. 

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One thought on “The Greatest Climate Myths of All – Part 1

  1. Climate is in constant change – GLOBAL warmings are crap:
    Wet/sunny weather – good/bad weather = that’s weather; for few days.

    Summer climate – winter climate – sea-level climate – high altitude climate – tropical climate – temperate climate – desert climate – rainforest climate – wet climate – dry climate; BUT, sometimes wet climate gets dry / dry climate gets wet / rains. On the other hand, ‘’GLOBAL’’ warming, or global cooling overall doesn’t exist – that’s what the NORMAL laws of physics say! Some places gets hotter days than previous years – other places instantly / simultaneously gets colder days (but warmer nights) than previous years – otherwise the winds would have stopped; the planet is a big place! Q: can you prevent going from ”winter climate” into ”summer climate” by imposing carbon tax?

    B]Concentrating on a small place difference in temp and referring it as ‘’GLOBAL’’ was the basic climatologist lie since Darwin published his book= they started playing god…? climatologist didn’t start lying in the 80’s, lying was always their bread and butter. C] ”Skeptics” using the shonky ”proxy data” are assisting blindly the Warmist – if the skeptics didn’t exist – the Warmist would have invented them…

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