Boscastle Information Centre

Very nice to see they are going to correct this. No ulterior motive is needed, however it does show the ‘loose’ attitude to weather records.


By Paul Homewood

2014-06-13 22.22.03

UK readers will be well aware of the Boscastle flood of 2004, which I reported on a few weeks ago.

We called in there for a visit, while on holiday last week, and I took the above picture at the National Trust Information Centre.

Note how it talks of 300mm per hour, which I immediately knew was wrong. So I emailed the centre, once we were back at our cottage. (I did not have the exact numbers to hand).


I was pleasantly surprised to get the following reply so quickly.


So it is good to see that they will be correcting it. (I’ll probably be back next year to check!!)

But it is incredible that the mistake stemmed from the original guide book. I realise that, for some people, metrication still makes little sense, and that they may well have intended 30mm and not 300mm.


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