MASIE June 26 2014 – A One Day UnMelt

sunshine hours

June 26 2014  MASIE Update – After a week of big melt, a one day unmelt. (Data here)

Hudson Bay1,260,903914,911-345,992-315,160-255,235-226,752-142,208-1,874
Baffin Bay Gulf of St. Lawrence1,688,530713,609-974,922-398,793-190,431-127,501-86,07814,372
Barents Sea645,917197,320-448,597-242,870-74,119-84,66024,22826,384
Greenland Sea603,416573,394-30,022-80,812-53,118-72,180-51,16622,530
Chukchi Sea966,006754,956-211,050-173,488-109,672-70,456-26,2106,477
Beaufort Sea1,070,445947,843-122,602-118,262-87,326-67,417-24,142-3,417
Laptev Sea897,845659,614-238,231-166,966-25,600-41,957-30,884-14,793
Canadian Archipelago853,214756,012-97,202-58,464-30,644-26,186-7,726-2,185
Bering Sea697,32427,938-669,385-80,948-49,091-23,549-8,879-4,817
Sea of Okhotsk853,24032-853,208-71,193-22,011-16,241
Central Arctic3,221,9213,239,45817,537-2,233-2,240-2,837-2,561-3,349
East Siberian Sea1,087,1371,032,748-54,3895,48720,213

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