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Zeke just can’t grasp what he is doing wrong. Around 1990, USHCN started losing a lot of mainly rural stations. Using their clever infilling and gridding, they turned those disappearing stations into urban stations – which created a huge spurious warming trend.

Zeke likes the meaningless green line.

ScreenHunter_689 Jun. 28 15.47

The Blackboard » How not to calculate temperatures, part 3

See the graph below. Essentially all of the warming since 1990 is due to fabricated (no underlying temperature records) data shown below in green – which strongly hints at cooler rural stations being lost, and their missing data being replaced by infilled urban data.

This is so blatantly obvious, that only a temperature expert couldn’t grasp it.

ScreenHunter_297 Jun. 05 06.17

It is like dealing with anomaly/infilling/gridding zombies. Do they actually think that their large spike in temperatures after 1990, coinciding with their large spike in lost (mainly rural) stations – was coincidence?


If you lose a cool rural station…

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The scientific method is at work on the USHCN temperature data set

Watts Up With That?

Temperature is such a simple finite thing. It is amazing how complex people can make it.

commenter and friend of WUWT, ossqss at Judith Curry’s blog

Sometimes, you can believe you are entirely right while simultaneously believing that you’ve done due diligence. That’s what confirmation bias is all about. In this case, a whole bunch of people, including me, got a severe case of it.

I’m talking about the claim made by Steve Goddard that 40% of the USHCN data is “fabricated”. which I and few other people thought was clearly wrong.

Dr. Judith Curry and I have been conversing a lot via email over the past two days, and she has written an illuminating essay that explores the issue raised by Goddard and the sociology going on. See her essay:

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