Night Of The Living Infillers

Real Science

Zeke just can’t grasp what he is doing wrong. Around 1990, USHCN started losing a lot of mainly rural stations. Using their clever infilling and gridding, they turned those disappearing stations into urban stations – which created a huge spurious warming trend.

Zeke likes the meaningless green line.

ScreenHunter_689 Jun. 28 15.47

The Blackboard » How not to calculate temperatures, part 3

See the graph below. Essentially all of the warming since 1990 is due to fabricated (no underlying temperature records) data shown below in green – which strongly hints at cooler rural stations being lost, and their missing data being replaced by infilled urban data.

This is so blatantly obvious, that only a temperature expert couldn’t grasp it.

ScreenHunter_297 Jun. 05 06.17

It is like dealing with anomaly/infilling/gridding zombies. Do they actually think that their large spike in temperatures after 1990, coinciding with their large spike in lost (mainly rural) stations – was coincidence?


If you lose a cool rural station…

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