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Watts Up With That?

clip_image001This one:

The title “Battle of the Graphs” certainly lives on, even though it is approaching a decade in age, as there has been a lot of off-topic contention on this WUWT thread as well as a free-for-all bashing over at the “Stoat” a.k.a. William Connolley (who “takes science by the throat”, implying he is some sort of “tough guy”) saying that this graph that appeared in a Telegraph article was erroneous and created by Christopher Monckton.

Based on the simplest available evidence, I was ready to conclude, as were many, that indeed Monckton had created the graph, that it was in error, and that he had refused to admit to any of this.  I was ready to censure him myself, just as the over-the-top Stoaters wanted to do, probably so Connolley could direct a new denigrating Wikipedia entry as he is known to do (he’s not allowed to edit…

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Climate Starts In 1970 At Heidi Central


By Paul Homewood



Heidi Central has reported that the North East has waited an unusually long time for its first 90F day of the year.

Of course, as some of the more intelligent amongst us know, this is just weather.

But of more interest was their comment further down the page:

Prevailing upper air patterns have kept both Boston and New York City from sweltering so far this summer, but summers overall have been heating up across much of the country under the influence of global warming. Under the scenarios with the highest future greenhouse gas emissions, the entire Northeast would see heat waves increase in frequency, intensity and duration, according to the National Climate Assessment released in May.

The (first) link takes us to this report:



Which provides this map.


My suspicious mind tells me to check the facts!

Let’s take New York State, as this…

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