Strange Happenings In Circleville, Ohio

The temperature record dies by thousands of small cuts.


By Paul Homewood

As a diligent accountant (!), I never trust anything, and like to double check. While I was working on the Ohio exercise, the adjustment for 1934 at Circleville stood out , so I decided to cross check against the USHCN station files.

At the end of each year, CDIAC update all of the USHCN station records, which can provide a variety of data.

ScreenHunter_768 Jul. 05 18.10

The dataset for Circleville provides this list of the monthly temperatures after adjustment for 1934.


Meanwhile, the USHCN Final dataset, the one actually used by NCDC for national temperature calculations, gives us these figures. These are in tenths of a degree centigrade.


If we convert the first lot of temperatures into centigrade, and compare, we get:


The latest USHCN Final data are all about 0.4C higher than the station data. The suggestion is that the former has been altered since the station data…

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