Sea Ice News Volume 5 Number 4 – Are polar satellite sea ice sensors going wonky?

Watts Up With That?

Sunshine hours writes:

I have been a bit worried about the deep deep dive in Antarctica Sea Ice Extent.

It appears to be a processing or sensor error. As of today the NSIDC data confirms it. (see image below)

In a deja vu all over again moment, I find that it isn’t just the Antarctic with wonky readings.

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Rain totals for 19th July 2014

Official blog of the Met Office news team

As forecast there were severe thunderstorms across the UK on the 19th July bringing heavy rain and gusty winds. See the tables below for the largest rain totals across the UK.  Gloucestershire recorded the highest rainfall with 66mm between 6am and 6pm yesterday, the counties monthly average rainfall is 60.6mm.

The Heat-health watch put in place in parts of southern and eastern England in conjunction with Public Health England has now been downgraded. Temperatures in parts of the area covered topped 28C during 19 July, see table below.

Today, 20 July, temperatures are expected to reach low to mid 20’s across central, south and south east of England, with London seeing around 27C.  Northern England will reach mid to high teens and Scotland and Northern Ireland mid to low teens.

More thundery downpours are expected to develop today over some eastern and central parts of the UK.  A yellow, be…

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