5 Everyday Weeds That You’ll Want in an Emergency

Dandelions mean spring to me and are a lovely sight – on someone else’s lawn!



 By Commmon Sense Prepper

Our lawns and gardens are invaded every year by pesky weeds, and local watering holes and fishing spots can have their shores completely blocked by pervasive plant growth. We’ve developed endless varieties of chemicals, lawn treatment plans, and special weed removal tools to combat these ever-present menaces. But in many ways, we’ve actually been fighting a grand battle against some of the best readily available food and medicine sources! Far from being pests, these weeds were once considered valuable by our ancestors and were harvested for food, medicine, and even bandages. Let’s relearn the “herb lore” of the common weeds, so that you’ll have those resources close at hand.

5.  The Dandelion

Stubborn, annoying...and more useful than you may think!

I cannot imagine a more hated weed in any suburban yard. Clover and other plants at least have the decency to blend in with that soft carpet of green but the dandelion stands tall…

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