Graphic shows the immense size of Rosetta’s comet and risks such large objects pose to Earth


The Extinction Protocol

Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko, just 3km wide, would vaporize Los Angeles if the comet impacted the city. However, this graphic was produced to show the comet’s size. Churyumov-Gerasimenko doesn’t cross Earth’s orbit and there is no chance of a near-Earth collision.
August 2014SPACEOur sense of scale tends to adjust to circumstances. So when we think about comets it is easy to compare them with other astronomical objects. In which case comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko, just 3km wide, sounds tiny. However, as you can see in the image above, things look rather different when you compare the comet to something we are really familiar with – such as tall buildings. While Churyumov-Gerasimenko is small enough that one could walk from one end to the other fairly in less than an hour, it’s easy to forget the three dimensional nature of something like this – 3km across is no big deal, but…

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