Understanding The Bulge

OMG – they found the missing heat! Now if we can all write cheques or make paypal donations made out to A Gore, I’m sure they will create the Great Anti-Carbon Mallet to smack this ungodly bulge with. This may of course create an enormous tsunami killing hundreds of millions but what the heck these human pests would probably have breathed out carbon pollution anyway. The earth and her chosen messenger, A Gore, will thank us. Now if you’ll excuse me I must jet off to lecture primitives on why they should sacrifice themselves. /sarc

Real Science


According the University of Colorado, sea level is rising much faster than 85% of tide gauges show, and forming a massive mound near the Philippines. Apparently they believe that water likes to pile up in mounds, and to help visualize their BS I created a 3D animation.


And one more minor detail. They used to have the map below on their site, but have removed it. It showed that their error was almost as large as their trend – meaning their data is basically worthless

ScreenHunter_2791 Sep. 14 13.09

This complete garbage forms the basis of the IPCC claim that sea level rise suddenly doubled in 1992, when they switched measurement systems.

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