One year old survives being swept away by flood

A heartening story.


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Joshua Tree, CA (CNN) – It’s an amazing story of survival. A wall of flood water and mud crashed into a home, carrying away a one-year-old boy. But the baby survived. He had mud and water in his lungs and some cuts and bruises, but he’s expected to be ok.

His parents are now speaking out about the terrifying close call.

“We really thought that we lost him.”

Ryan Scarcy talks about her one-year-old boy Tristan who survived a massive flood that destroyed their home in Joshua tree, CA.

“We came around thinking we can break a window to get in and the whole wall was gone. his room was gone and he was nowhere to be found, ” said Ryan Scarcy.

Tristan was inside his room when the water flooded, and it got about five feet high. It then built up to the ceiling, and that’s when…

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