The Modern Galileos


Next year will be the centenary of Einstein’s general theory of relativity. Someone has decided 2015 will be celebrating this as the International Year Of Light whether he’s right or wrong. It’s a gravity based theory, to explain the model universe and its BFF is the Big Bang theory because General Relativity doesn’t work unless the universe is proven to be contracting or expanding.

Dr. Halton C. Arp is an astronomer often referred to as The Modern Galileo for the professional persecutions he suffered. His research contradicts the current interpretation of a core principal of the Big Bang theory as it is taught in highschool todayredshift. NASA says “Scientists measure cosmic distances via redshift, the extent to which light is “shifted” towards the red (lower energy) part of the electromagnetic spectrum.” “The biggest redshifts belonged to quasars — brilliant, pointlike objects that are presumably at the edge…

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