New paper links warming since 1950 to ENSO and cloud cover variations

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John McLean writes of a new paper about the pattern in global average temperature anomalies since 1950 and how they are linked to changes in cloud cover and ENSO:

global-temperature-vs-cloud-coverKey points of the paper:

  • Indicates that the temperature pattern can be attributed to a
    sequence of events, namely a shift in the prevailing ENSO conditions,
    then a reduction in total cloud cover and then a shift on cloud
    (decrease in low level cloud that was largely offset by an increase
    in mid and upper level cloud)
  • Uses the Trenberth, Fasulo & Kiehl energy balance diagram to show
    that the loss in total cloud cover caused an increase in heat energy
    being absorbed at the Earth’s surface that was greater than the
    increase that IPCC 5AR claims was due to greenhouse gases
  • Indicates that greenhouse gases played little if any part in the
    warming, which not only refutes the IPCC’s belief…

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Climate change not to blame for 2013 Colorado floods – lack of infrastructure upgrades played a key role

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From the University of Colorado Denver

CU Denver study says upgrading infrastructure could reduce flood damage

Clorado FloodingOutdated roads, bridges added to flood losses last year

DENVER (Oct. 29, 2014) – The severe flooding that devastated a wide swath of Colorado last year might have been less destructive if the bridges, roads and other infrastructure had been upgraded or modernized, according to a new study from the University of Colorado Denver.

“People need to understand the importance and seriousness of infrastructure,” said Jimmy Kim, PhD, associate professor of structural engineering at the CU Denver College of Engineering and Applied Science and lead author the study. “There is an assumption that a bridge will stand forever and that’s simply not true.”

Kim along with co-authors Wesley Marshall, PhD, PE and Indrani Pal, PhD, both assistant professors of civil engineering at CU Denver, the leading public research college in Denver, examined the causes…

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A brilliant illusionist trick: The shining new EU climate policy

Good summary of the current EU shenanigans

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magic-out-of-hatGuest essay by Fred F. Mueller –

Perfectly timed to the run-up of the 21st United Nations Climate Change Conference that will be held in Paris in November/ December 2015, the European Union has committed itself to apparently decisive steps aimed at sharply reducing the continent’s “climate footprint” in the coming 15 years. By 2030, the EU intends to reduce its CO2 emissions by at least 40 %, to increase the share of “renewable” energy production to 27 % while boosting energy efficiency by 27 %.

The aim of these measures is simple and clear: at a time where even within the Green God’s own country – Germany – parts of the industry start to openly revolt against the burdens of a crippling energy policy, the big spider mom has decided the time is right to perform a castling queen’s side by tricking other big nations –…

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Chris Huhne: Immortalised in the National Portrait Gallery

“The Huhne vase has been decorated with the motifs of Huhne’s face, his H11HNE number plate and a penis.” 😀

Tallbloke's Talkshop

Artist Perry Grayson has made a vase decorated with motifs related to Chris Huhne, smashed it with a lump hammer, and repaired it, before displaying it in the National Portrait Gallery.

Grayson Perry vase Grayson Perry’s vase features speed cameras, penises, Huhne, his mobile phone, personalised number plates, and wind turbines.

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Predicting Gonzalo’s Path

Something I posted over at the WeatherAction site

WeatherAction News

Over at the Talkshop, Tim Channon has had a look at the Met Office’s recent outlooks ahead of ex hurricaine Gonzales which sadly killed two in London*, recording gusts of 108mph in the Cairngorms, 88mph in Oban and 60-70mph in many parts. It caused wide disruption but nothing like the storms of last October and winter.
Image the Weather Network

Tim has collated some of the outlooks and said this which caught my eye having followed Gonzalo fairly closely

Concentrating on the South East, London area. See them start to realise what is coming. Meantime I could see the remains of an Atlantic hurricane was forecast by the American [models] to pass over the UK today… forecast a week or so ago. The track was marked.

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Beautifully written Caleb. The nasturtium are my cold weather vane. They took a slight hit from frost in August (yep you read that right) but have been healthy and flourishing ever since although the survivors are more towards the yellow end of the spectrum than the deep oranges of summer. After reading I really must have a go at morning glory next year as I never got my last lot to seed.

Sunrise's Swansong

20141021 lrgnamsfcwbg


The storm brewing over the northeast represents a surge of milder air that was too little too late. Before it came north to fuel the falling pressures and my aching bones, cold air slid down behind the last storm, and gave us a sneaky freeze.

It was sneaky because their was no frost. The air was bone dry, and just as there is sometimes no dew in a desert, there was no frost on the pumpkins. However everything withered in the first light of dawn, yesterday.

Perhaps the saddest sight was the demise of the morning glories crawling all over the fence beside the main entrance to our Childcare’s front gate. In a desperate attempt to make seeds, (which I had frustrated by “dead-heading” the blooms before they could make seeds), the vines had produced a lovely mass of blooms the morning before…

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Sorry Caleb, the wonders have saved your forests for us Europeans so we can close down our dirty plants and burn your wood instead. It’s to save the planet and make the wonders feel all warm and squishy inside as they realise they are neither priests nor overlords and will share our fate of freezing to death (sadly they’ll think this make them martyrs not morons).

Sunrise's Swansong


There is an old adage that states, “It it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.” Unfortunately our way of staying warm in the winter, which wasn’t broken, has been “fixed,” and consequently many will not be able to stay warm this winter. As I myself am included in this “many”, I, of course, am a bit peeved.

The simple fact of the matter is that coal and oil fired power plants have been called “dirty,” by people who claim to be altruistic. I am not particularly wonder-struck by their logic. They seem to think that it is a revelation of modern science that smoke is dirty stuff. I think even our cavemen ancestors knew that, but preferred a bit of airborne dirt to freezing to death. However these wonders seem to prefer freezing to death to a campfire.

In the name of cleanliness these wonders have managed to shut down 288 out…

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