Abandon the 2°C target, says Nature commentary — not ‘scientifically meaningful’


We’ve been saying this for years.

First, no one and nothing lives at average global temperature — it is a meaningless metric. Second, as Climategate explicitly revealed, the 2°C target was simply pulled out of thin air and not based on any sort of science.

The media release is below.

Ditch the 2 warming goal

Human-induced stress on the global climate system should be monitored using an array of vital signs, rather than focusing on average global temperature, argue David Victor and Charles Kennel in a Nature Comment piece.

For nearly a decade, international efforts have been centred on the goal to cap global warming at 2°C above pre-industrial levels. The stalling of global average temperature rise over the past 16 years demonstrates that the 2°C target is not, in practice, a good milestone against which to set emissions-mitigation policies, explain Victor and Kennel. The goal is unachievable — current…

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