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I was hoping for something different from the left for once *sigh*. Nice reply Geoff.

Geoffchambers's Blog

A radical leftwing site called dissidentvoice just published an article at


which I reproduce in full below. It’s rather long and boring, so I’ve emphasised the relevant parts, so you don’t have to read it all

America’s Radical, Underground Climate Change Countermovement

by Robert Hunziker / September 27th, 2014

The year is 2050; rising seas have inundated Miami, America’s most recent ghost city, since Detroit. A deadly heat wave scorches Chicago, killing thousands of elderly, and a mega-drought has farmers in the Southwest on their knees, praying for relief, as a dreadful dust bowl blankets the fields. America goes hungry.

A flickering television screen in an abandoned home in Miami, its mangled window shutters flapping in the breeze, shows a real live news story of desperadoes breaking down the gates to the DuPont estate and the Mellon estate, both overlooking Nantucket Sound. The properties are owned by the children/grandchildren…

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