Medical Journals Undermine Their Own Credibility

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Two recent articles in prestigious journals demonstrate that health care is now outrageously contaminated by politics.

lancet click for source

It’s official. Professionalism is dead. Grown-ups have apparently gone extinct. Infants are now in charge.

July 23, 2014.The Lancet, which describes itself as the “world’s leading general medical journal,” publishes “An open letter for the people of Gaza” denouncing “Israeli aggression.” This is a long letter – some 1,500 words worth. That’s twice as much space as is normally allotted to a columnist in your local newspaper.

This letter isn’t about medicine. It’s about Middle Eastern politics.

September 9, 2014. The British Medical Journal, which claims to be in the business of disseminating information that will “help doctors improve their practice,” publishes an analysis titled “The science of anthropogenic climate change: what every doctor should know.” Because, when setting bones, interpreting MRIs, diagnosing breast…

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