Climate change – follow the money

Watts Up With That?

One of the greatest inanities that occurs in the climate wars is the claim that skeptics are lavishly funded by “big oil” or other political interests. t is a claim that is made multiple times daily and blogs and newspaper articles and magazine articles and yet where is the evidence that such a thing is a reality?

I’m often targeted as being in the pay of one of those interest and yet when you look at my reality I had to beg for help to get to Bristol, to visit the Mann and Cook lectures. I relied on the good graces of our daily readers for which I thank you.

So with this huge disparity it struck me as ironic that this ad appeared at the top of WUWT today. It likely appeared because I’m traveling and came from a new IP address. I had never seen it before but…

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On the Elusive Absolute Global Mean Surface Temperature – A Model-Data Comparison

Thanks Bob.

Bob Tisdale - Climate Observations

With the publication of the IPCC 5th Synthesis Report, I thought there might be some interest in a presentation of how well (actually poorly) climate models simulate global mean surface temperatures in absolute terms.  That is, most climate model outputs are presented in terms of anomalies, with data shown as deviations from the temperatures of a multi-decadal reference period. See Figure 1.

Figure 1

Figure 1

Rarely, are models and model-data comparisons shown in absolute terms.  That’s what’s presented in this post after a discussion of the estimates of Earth’s absolute mean surface temperature from data suppliers:  GISS, NCDC and BEST.  Afterwards, we return to anomalies.

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