Uranus Is ‘Incredibly Active’ Say Astronomers

Solar system wide climate changes.

Dark Matter Space

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Astronomers are extremely excited that Uranus is “incredibly active” and is experiencing significant turbulence.


It’s been a crazy few days in the galaxy far beyond as not only did we have the first ever successful landing on a moving asteroid but according to astronomers, Uranus is “incredibly active”.

Now you’re probably thinking that’s a wonderful punchline for a joke about your anus, but shame on you as that’s no such thing.

This is a very serious topic as a healthy and productive Uranus is vital to the well being of your system, uh, solar system I should say.

In the past Uranus has been void of much action, though it seems as if things are starting to spice up on Uranus and it’s not from a poor choice in diet as the planet has been experiencing a significant amount of unusual activity…

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3 thoughts on “Uranus Is ‘Incredibly Active’ Say Astronomers

  1. Craig,

    The outer planets consist mostly of light elements – H, He, C and N – and and heavy elements enriched in isotopes like Xe-136 and the actanide elements that were created by the r-process (rapid neutron capture) in the supernova event that produced the solar system.

    Dr. Marvin Herndon seems to have correctly concluded in the early 1990s that Jupiter’s excess heat comes from a nuclear reactor operating in its core.

    I will find and post a video of NASA finally releasing 1995 isotope data from Jupiter in 1998 that confirms the presence of excess Xe-136 in Jupiter.

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