Scientists Lose The Plot


By Paul Homewood


It’s at times like this that I am ashamed to be British.

The Telegraph report:

Radical, untested techniques to tackle global warming by reflecting the sun’s rays could have “terrifying” consequences, yet may ultimately be needed to prevent catastrophic climate change, scientists have said.

Three Government-funded research projects released on Wednesday assessed the potential of controversial processes known as “geoengineering” – deliberately interfering with the earth’s climate to reverse global warming.

The two main types involve limiting solar radiation to cool the planet, or sucking carbon dioxide – one of the biggest causes of global warming – back out of the atmosphere.

Dr Matthew Watson of the University of Bristol, one of the scientists behind the research, said that techniques that reflect solar radiation to cool the earth could have “profoundly terrifying” negative consequences by shifting extreme drought and rainfall weather patterns to different regions –…

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