Ed Hoskins: Capital Cost and Production Effectiveness of Renewable Energy in Europe – the Data

Clawing public money hand over fist from the subsidies table does not seem very sustainable.

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Guest post from Ed Hoskins
A comparison of both the Capital Cost and Energy Production Effectiveness of the Renewable Energy in Europe.

The diagrams and table below collate the cost and capacity factors of Renewable Energy power sources, Onshore and Off-shore Wind Farms and Large scale Photovoltaic Solar generation, compared to the cost and output capacity of conventional Gas Fired Electricity generation.

Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 08.16.07

The associated base data is shown below:

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Climate Models and Squirrels


I left this comment over at the Talkshop the other day responding to the comment shown above and the hissy fit that preceded it with the now infamous goosesteps of intolerance over Dr. Tim Ball’s Big Lie post over at WUWT. I am making it a post of its own as I may have more to follow. It is done with a sense of exasperation and a tongue firmly in cheek. Enjoy (or kick off on Twitter). 😉

craigm350 on December 10, 2014 at 7:43 pm

The smell of faux outrage. Nothing quite like it to take the focus off the failure of computer mod… squirrel!!! … or the legislative juggernaut that employs them to polish… Squirrel! … I must have missed the legislation, most probably squirreled (!) in – in accordance with EU edicts – where ‘government approved’ climate scientists were elevated to deities, not discounting their own proclamations of having greatness thrust upon them. They now share none of the same human flaws as the peon masses and if this is so I must atone – for fear of future flak and flagstones (cf. video below) – and bring offerings whilst bowing and scraping before them. Although the concensus opinion is to worship and obey, so it shall be written into the model and so it shall be done, I feel just a little unsettled by the lack of science… Squirrel!!! … as alluded to by Dr Ridley.

The thrust of my article was that the reputation of the whole of science is at risk if bad practices and biases are allowed to infect data collection and presentation, and that science like other institutions can no longer take public trust for granted. 

The overwhelming majority of scientists do excellent, objective work, following the evidence wherever it leads. Science remains (in my view) our most treasured cultural achievement, bar none. Most of its astonishing insights into life, the universe and everything are beyond reproach and beyond compare.

But Dr Betts’s reaction has weakened my confidence in this view.

Ah! Now I see the problem.

Confidence! Dr Betts and the rest of the IPCC immortals keep saying things about their confidence levels. Dr Ridley has made a fundamentally flawed assumption in many of his previous arguments – the problem of ‘sensitivity’ lies not with fa..sorry…the models, but Climate Scientists! The poor things.

I think Dr Betts should posthaste seek out a sympathetic G.P. who will sign him off work for a month with the stress – induced by that bullying Dr Ridley and following so soon on from the trauma of Dr Ball’s hateful offensive words. That way Dr Betts, as a civil servant, can spend even more time trawling for stuff to rightly* take offense with. As he will be “working from home”, this may also help resolve the communication issue that deeply troubles the immortals.

Consider it a proxy extension of the global outreach program for hearts and minds. Dr Betts can really help homogenise Twitter with the Two Minutes Hate and have all the peons running through the streets screaming/tweeting ‘we’re all going to fry’ whenever any storm is due anywhere in the world.

In the process of writing this I have come to the clear conclusion that not only do I have a substantial part of the draft for Climate Wars 2 – The Suffering of Mann (comes with no 3D glasses but free Lew Paper instead), but more importantly we must repent and refrain from logical resistance to the inevitable future ‘scenario(s)’ that GIMP5…sorry CMIP5…has added to the impressive body of work on the shelves of Waterstones (well you didn’t expect to read tax payer funded science for free did you?). Although, I still have a nagging doubt that his holiness Dr Betts is playing the formulaic blame card to draw attention away from the observable fact that models have fail…SQUIRREL! SQUIRREL! SQUIRREL!

* ‘Rightly’ may need to be banned, as hate speech, just in case it causes offence to the self chosen congregations on Twitter who could not possibly offend anyone as only they are worthy to pass judgement. A committee has yet to decide on a replacement word.

Researchers Find Northeast Pacific Surface Warming (1900-2012) Caused By Changes in Atmospheric Circulation, NOT Manmade Forcings

Watts Up With That?

Guest Post by Bob Tisdale

UPDATE:  See the update at the end of the post. One of the authors of the paper has joined us here at WUWT.

# # #

This is a revisit of a paper already discussed in the WUWT post Surprising PNAS paper: CO2 emissions not the cause of U.S. West Coast warming. We’re revisiting it because it relates to the record high global surface temperatures in 2014. There already has been and there continues to be a lot of misinformation about those record highs in the months to come, so this is another post intended to counter that misinformation.

The extraordinary sea surface temperatures of the Northeast Pacific are known to be responsible for the record high global surface temperatures in 2014. (See the post Axel Timmermann and Kevin Trenberth Highlight the Importance of Natural Variability in Global Warming… and the post

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Greenblob Guerillas in Geoglyph Gaffe

WeatherAction News


With our message from the Nazca lines, we expect politicians to understand the legacy we need to leave for future generations,

Interchange ‘legacy’ above with ‘tyranny’ and you will not be far from the aims of the greenblob. Tyranny is imposing your will upon others, it is insisting that billions stay in poverty and millions die every year from the pollution caused by burning dung instead of cheap fossil fuels which, in part is why India have an issud with Greenpeace’s agenda).

Some major greenhouse gas emitting countries like the EU, US and China earlier this year presented their plans to deal with rising emissions. However, these plans are not enough to keep temperature rise to what is considered a manageable level. Greenpeace continues to call for bold action to force a rapid transition to 100% renewable energy future by 2050 and start the phase out of…

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HH Lamb, Jet Stream Meridionality & Extreme Weather


By Paul Homewood

It will come as no surprise to learn that HH Lamb had plenty to say about meridional jet streams and atmospheric blocking.

Here is an extract from his book, “Climate, History and The Modern World”.

From Chapter 14, Climate Since 1950. (Bear in mind that the book was published in 1982).


Over the years since the 1940’s, it has become apparent that many of the tendencies in world climate which marked the previous 50 to 80 years or more have either ceased or changed…. It was only after the Second World War that the benign trend of the climate towards general warming over those previous decades really came in for much scientific discussion and began to attract public notice.


Such worldwide surveys as have been attempted seem to confirm the increase of variability of temperature and rainfall [since 1950].’’

In Europe…

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