Oops! One wrong equation caused the #climate scare!

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How did many usually sensible experts get “GLOBAL WARMING” so very wrong?


Oops! One wrong equation caused the climate scare!


RED FACES all around among the profiteers of doom. A wrong equation that falsely triples the tiny direct warming caused by doubling CO2 concentration has been discovered and exposed in a major peer-reviewed paper just published in the Science Bulletin of the Chinese Academy of Sciences  (LINK – pdf), one of the world’s top peer review science journals.

No rogue equation means no climate crisis.

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What are Your Fears about Global Warming and Climate Change?

It’s going to get colder!!!!

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Guest Post by Bob Tisdale

The title question is rarely, if ever, asked of people who are skeptical of human-induced global warming and climate change…for obvious reasons.  If persons are skeptical of a future filled with climate catastrophes, regardless of whether they are caused by nature or by emissions of manmade greenhouse gases, then there should be few reasons for them to be fearful of future climate.

For example: some persons may most fear the future possible rise in sea levels, understanding that surface temperatures are above the threshold at which the seasonal mass losses from glaciers and ice shelves exceed those of seasonal mass gains and that those temperatures have been above that threshold since the end of the last ice age; but they temper that concern with an understanding that even the UN’s political report-writing entity, the IPCC, acknowledges the oceans will continue their inland march regardless of…

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Bigger problems than global warming – NASA discovers 8 new dangerous near Earth asteroids

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Guest essay by Eric Worrall-

chelyabinsk-meteor The Chelyabinsk meteor, possibly caused by a near Earth Asteroid

In 2013, NASA decided to take time out from creating spectacularly useless climate models, and reactivated their Near-Earth Object Wide-field Survey Explorer programme. The result is moderately terrifying – 8 previously unknown near Earth asteroids with catastrophic impact potential have been discovered, along with a host of smaller bodies which have the potential to wipe out a city.

According to The Register;

In December 2013, NASA re-activated the Near-Earth Object Wide-field Survey Explorer (NEOWISE) and in the twelve months since the project discovered three new comets and 40 previously-unknown near-earth objects, eight of which have Earth-bonking potential.


The JPL website contains more information about the discoveries of various space survey projects;

“WISE was launched into a low-Earth orbit in December 2009, and surveyed the full sky in four infrared wavelength bands (3.4, 4.6, 12…

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Engineer Through the Looking Glass

All too familiar.

The prospect of domination of the nation’s scholars by Federal employment, project allocations, and the power of money is ever present

and is gravely to be regarded.


Engineer through the looking glass

Eric Laithwaite was a “talented engineering maverick” and professor of heavy electrical engineering at Imperial College [1964-1986] who developed the linear induction motor and maglev rail system.

Eric Roberts Laithwaite (14 June 1921 – 27 November 1997) was a British electrical engineer, known as the “Father of Maglev” for his development of the linear induction motor and maglev rail system.

Emsland test facility - Germany

Professor Eric Laithwaite, who died on 27 November 1997, was a talented engineering maverick who spent much of his academic life investigating unusual forms of mechanical propulsion and the linear induction motor.

Between 1964 and his retirement in 1986, Eric was professor of heavy electrical engineering at Imperial College.

In 1990 he accepted a visiting professorship at Sussex University and it was there that he died, just a month after securing a NASA contract for the design of a space launcher based on his linear motor system.


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Delayed Oscillator model suggests NAO forces AMOC/AMO on a 60 year cycle

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Glimmers of understanding are percolating through into mainstream climate science, this time through the journal Climate Dynamics. I can’t remember if Marcia Wyatt and Judy Curry explicitly linked these oscillations in their stadium wave paper, but it’s more evidence that our cycles driven theory of climate is correct, and that the 1976-2005 warming was mostly a natural phenomenon. It is likely to be followed by a 2006-2035 cooling phase, possibly accentuated by the lowest solar activity levels in two centuries or more. Unfortunately, the luni-solar dimension to the multidecadal variability is not explored. Nonetheless, this paper represents some joined up thinking in terms of the cyclic chain of cause and effect which connects the northern hemisphere oceanic oscillations.


A delayed oscillator model for the quasi-periodic multidecadal variability of the NAO
Cheng Sun, Jianping Li, Fei-Fei Jin Date: 06 Jan 2015
Wavelet analysis of the annual North Atlantic Oscillation…

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