What are Your Fears about Global Warming and Climate Change?

It’s going to get colder!!!!

Watts Up With That?

Guest Post by Bob Tisdale

The title question is rarely, if ever, asked of people who are skeptical of human-induced global warming and climate change…for obvious reasons.  If persons are skeptical of a future filled with climate catastrophes, regardless of whether they are caused by nature or by emissions of manmade greenhouse gases, then there should be few reasons for them to be fearful of future climate.

For example: some persons may most fear the future possible rise in sea levels, understanding that surface temperatures are above the threshold at which the seasonal mass losses from glaciers and ice shelves exceed those of seasonal mass gains and that those temperatures have been above that threshold since the end of the last ice age; but they temper that concern with an understanding that even the UN’s political report-writing entity, the IPCC, acknowledges the oceans will continue their inland march regardless of…

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