Oops! One wrong equation caused the #climate scare!

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Reposted from the Climate Sceptic Party. H/T the Hockey Schtick

How did many usually sensible experts get “GLOBAL WARMING” so very wrong?


Oops! One wrong equation caused the climate scare!


RED FACES all around among the profiteers of doom. A wrong equation that falsely triples the tiny direct warming caused by doubling CO2 concentration has been discovered and exposed in a major peer-reviewed paper just published in the Science Bulletin of the Chinese Academy of Sciences  (LINK – pdf), one of the world’s top peer review science journals.

No rogue equation means no climate crisis.

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One thought on “Oops! One wrong equation caused the #climate scare!

  1. Whatever Hanson did or didn’t do, science has moved on since then.

    In 2008 Andrew Dessler of NASA used satellite data to show water vapour doubled the warming you get from carbon-dioxide. But I believe that before then, it had been assumed water vapour tripled the warming. Whatever, this gave the “runaway warming catastrophe”.

    I think water’s cleverer than that. It’ll snow and alter albedo, or create lots of low-lying clouds to reflect back sunlight way before there’s a runaway warming problem.

    These days, I think there are satellite analyses which show water vapour in the atmosphere declining – this would be natures way of preventing catastrophe.

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