A Change in the Wind


I started this blog to support some of the investigations I do into the weather/climate, especially those periods which have passed into climate amnesia. I subscribe to the mantra that what has gone before will happen again…eventually. Any pronoucement that anything is unprecedented is a crock of shit born of ignorance – and I put myself (or rather my warmista past life) in that category. Now I mostly do that stuff over at the weatheraction.wordpress.com site which I am eternally grateful for Piers Corbyn allowing me the latitude to explore. I took up that site lest it become a parody site, no more no less. After hanging onto it for a while I launched it last year. That left this site in a quandary. So after some not very careful thought and inspired by such sites as Chiefios I think now is the time to explore other areas although the climate core/mission is hard to escape. Many threads in the debate are interwoven try as I might escape it (I really did have hopes of this site being a non political entity – I laugh at my optimism now). All I would say is the aversion I once attested to sites such as Steven Goddard’s (aka Tony Heller) have softened. I get where they come from – even if I do not always agree. Tolerance does not mean you have to listen to my opinion, nor I yours but I hope you will because I will listen to you – as long as you don’t shout. I can can chew things over just don’t force it down my throat. It is by exposure to ideas and people I rejected out of principle that I have learnt much. I may not agree with you but share a quiet pint with me and I will defend your opinion – as long as you are not advocating violence of opinion or deed. I have no time for that.

So, I will now throw more into the mix and I want to listen. It’s a rare, under appreciated gift we all have if we can cut out the noise. Comments are welcome. Trolls can stay under the bridge.

I hope readers will understand that whilst I may not agree, I will lend an ear. I may not agree with your solutions but I can be empathetic to the cause of our collective maladies.



The Boot is on the Other Foot. Does it Matter?


I wrote a comment on one of James Dellingpoles recent articles at Brietbart.

If Soon was really interested in making money he could simply take the path of least resistance and most profitability by agreeing with the CAGW meme and takeing easy government funding. Then he can charge ridiculous speaking fees and write books (with physics defying hurricanes on the front cover) to claim ‘we is all £*č€d if we don’t pay carbon taxes’ to a company he just happens to be a shareholder in.

Based on 2005 figures (wiki – I’m being lazy) “$55,935 for a full-time, year-round employed Asian American male.” x 20 (years) =$1,118,700. (damn that’s close isn’t it?* – see Monckton piece @Brietbart)

Considering taxes and admin fees taken by his employer (what 40-50%) Soon is hardly profiting and certainly not like say AC denier Hansen. Shouty idiots tend to make a noise and point fingers because they don’t  want you to look closer at them.

The movers and shakers (political & MSM-wise) in this debate are playing propaganda /con artist 101. WTF are we talking about Soon? Why are we defending ourselves against allegations of impropriety  when the accuser is Jimmy Saville?

William Briggs (co-author of said paper) made a very good point on his blog (Google is thy friend) that all those reporters and even scientists have yet to put an answer out to the paper “Why Climate Models Run Hot” (hand waving does not count) I haven’t  heard a response yet as I’m being deafened by crickets.

Full disclosure here – I’m a former warmanista. I am more than aware of media filters (Oborne HSBC  *cough* told you so – and good coverage by Dellers I add). I will say three things to the left having spent a fair amount of time around them over the years with many friends of that persuasion;

1 – Stop focusing on the right boot as the left one is aimed right at your head.
2 – Apply your lens to your own sphere otherwise you are just another hypocrite. For all our faults people are just people. No one is a ******* god.

3 – If the government is the cause of your problems how on earth will they be the solution? How many times do we need to be abused before realising the abuser is not the ******* solution? If Jimmy voted Labour would he be above suspicion? pfft.

I’d also add when you go extreme right or left you come full circle. Stop looking at which foot the boot is on, they are from the same nutter. As long as you look at things from the lens of just one boot you are going to get your ******* head kicked in either way.

* UPDATE –  if Heartland are to be believed the ~$1m is over 10 years and 40% were taken by the Smithsonian. This makes yearly value $44,720 which is less than the median wage. Willie Soon must be bathing in cash then. He must be weeping into his pillow that he never got to sell his interests out to Big Oil like Al Gore (estimated worth 2000/14=~$2/300m) or partook of the $1B p/day (and rising) climate scam? Now if only he had ‘ethics’…. 😉




Fanatics for Mother Gaia

Big Picture News, Informed Analysis

Ecological collapse isn’t the only threat to our well-being.

self-proclaimed-saviours128 click to enlarge; distribute at will

I’ve been thinking about fanatics. We ignore such people at our peril. But how many of us do anything other than murmur?

In communities everywhere, we take the path of least resistance. Rather than confronting the extremists in local organizations or on volunteer advisory boards, we retreat. Who needs the headache? The conflict? The high blood pressure?

But when reasonable people withdraw, exactly the wrong sort of individuals are left at the helm – and our collective ship veers off into la-la land. Pascal Bruckner’s philosophical treatise, The Fanaticism of the Apocalypse, says this is now happening in spades.

The political left, he says (which includes most academics and journalists), has lost its way. “Instead of being outraged by poverty,” it’s now fashionable to be “offended by the comforts we enjoy.”

Those who used…

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Leonard “Spock” Nimoy Passes Today

Sleep well and prosper. \//

suyts space


For those who are not “Trekies” this might not seem like it’s worthy of a post. To those who actually knew Mr. Nimoy, this may seem a bit shallow.

I’m neither a “Treky”, nor did I personally know Mr. Nimoy. Still, I can’t help to have a unique sadness at his passing. As a young person, I did like the “Star Trek” series, and I especially liked “Spock”. He was part of my childhood.

The series, the original and the others, occupy my mind from time to time. They do because of the simple fact that humanity has demonstrated over and over again, that if we can imagine it, it can become reality. Often times, it does. I’m not saying I’m all excited about having a Trek-like reality, but, that not only are some of the things in the original a possibility, but, are now a reality.

Consider the far-out…

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Mikey Discovers Ocean Cycles!

That snapshot of the MSN article is revealing. Paragraph one says the pause is a ‘meme’ of sceptics. Why is the ownership one way when established ‘science’ (including the Met Office) has widely discussed and are not far approaching 101 reasons for. Tamsin Edwards must be party to the ‘meme’ – “The pause is a grand ‘whodunnit’ at the edge of our scientific understanding”
Paragraph 2 of the MSN article all but confirms the pause. Am I missing something here? Are we seriously the only ones pointing to the trees in the woods? Shameful really.
As an aside it’s interesting to see that large spike in the very late 1870s. Tim Channon’s mentioned it before.


By Paul Homewood



Climate “scientist”, Michael Mann, has discovered that the 17 year pause in global warming is due to “internal variability”, particularly ocean cycles. In a paper written with a Byron Somebody, and someone called Sonya, he finds:

That internal variability is found in the natural cycles of temperature change that occur over years or even decades in the oceans, like El Niño and La Niña. There are others, like the “Atlantic multidecadal oscillation” and the “Pacific decadal oscillation”…

There is an oceanic tug-of-war between the two systems. Sometimes the ocean cycles worked together to suck heat or burp it skyward—sometimes their push-pull led to a draw.

Welcome to the party, Mikey! Some of us have been explaining about this for years.

There is just one slight snag with your explanation. We have been in the warm phase of the AMO since around…

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John Brignell: How we know they know they are lying

“Unseasonal weather is occurring somewhere around the globe all the time. According to the principle of selectivity, a thousand occurrences of “normal” weather are ignored and the abnormal case is broadcast around the world.”

Tallbloke's Talkshop

H/T to tweeter ‘ILuvCO2’ for reminding me about this essay from the excellent ‘numberwatch’ website, written by its owner John Brignell back in 2009. Still fresh and relevant.

That a lie which is all a lie may be met and fought with outright,
But a lie which is part a truth is a harder matter to fight.
Tennyson – The Grandmother.

It is to some extent forgivable when people adopt extreme positions out of misapprehension or delusion. It is quite another matter if they mislead others by deliberate falsehood. Politicians, of course, treat the lie as part of their professional equipment. Indeed, in some circumstances they are obliged to use it (when, for example, telling the truth about the economy would cause a run on the currency). In science, up to recent times, there is no circumstance in which a deliberate falsehood is justifiable. It requires at a…

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Study finds massive climate change in North America before there was even an argument about it

The models are woeful, so let’s use the models. Love also the circular thinking about the jetstream for the Laurentide. Clue for them…look up! 🙂

Watts Up With That?

From Vanderbilt University and the “climate has never been static” department:

Reconstructing topsy-turvy paleoclimate of western US 21,000 years ago

Improves climate models developed to predict future rainfall patterns

Reconstruction of the climate 21,000 years ago at the peak of the last ice age in the western US found that the transition between the dryer zone in the north and wetter zone in the south ran diagonally from the northwest to southeast. Credit :Jessica Oster, Vanderbilt University Reconstruction of the climate 21,000 years ago at the peak of the last ice age in the western US found that the transition between the dryer zone in the north and wetter zone in the south ran diagonally from the northwest to southeast. Credit :Jessica Oster, Vanderbilt University

Climate scientists now put the odds that the American Southwest is headed into a 30-year “mega drought” at 50/50. Meanwhile, the forecast for the Pacific Northwest is continued warming with slightly drier summers and even wetter winters.

However, 21,000 years ago, at the peak of the last Ice Age, a period known as the Last Glacial Maximum, the Southwest was wetter than it is today – much wetter – and the Northwest was…

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Chairman Pachauri’s Messy Messages

I wonder how much more traction this story would have got had it been about an Oil CEO. Will the left or right in the climate debate hold to innocent until proven guilty, or will tribal loyalties cloud judgements?

Big Picture News, Informed Analysis

Texts and e-mails allegedly sent by IPCC chairman Rajendra Pachauri tell a disturbing tale. Months after a female subordinate objected repeatedly and strenuously to his sexual advances, the UN official continued to physically and electronically stalk her.

Pachauri_chairing_IPCCmeeti detail from the Mail Today‘s “Messy Messages” sidebar

Rajendra Pachauri, chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), is on the front page of India’s Mail Today newspaper. The above-the-fold headline proclaims: Green Pachauri Battles Slur. This suggests that the sex allegations leveled against the UN official by a 29-year-old female subordinate are untrue.

But the full-page story that follows paints a different picture. For example, there’s the garishly-coloured sidebar titled Messy Messages. It highlights missives allegedly written by Pachauri that now appear in the woman’s 33-page police complaint.

Pachauris_messy_messages click to enlarge

This woman reportedly began her employment at Pachauri’s TERI institute on September 1st, 2013. The Mail Today

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