HIGH pressure: windy round the edges, a bit on super-geostrophic winds

Reigate Grammar School Weather Station

2015-02-08_22-03-51 HIGH pressure dominates but is it all calm?

High pressure is known for calm, clear conditions, with little wind, cold frosty and foggy nights especially when there is little cloud. Pretty unexciting weather.  However, HIGH pressure is not as unexciting as all that.  Anticyclones can sometimes be surprisingly windy especially round the edges.  We spend a lot of time learning about LOW pressure, with associated storms and gales and torrential rain but understanding the inner workings of HIGH pressure is important to get the full picture of mid-latitude weather.

So… buckle up for the ride and let’s get super-geostrophic!  First, the wind direction is the result of two forces.  here are links to help understand these forces before proceeding with super and sub-geostrophic winds.

2015-02-08_23-38-08 The winds do blow from high to low… but get pushed to the right by that Coriolis fellow!

So winds do blow from high to low due to the pressure-gradient but…

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